Fura De Nunu, With Its Medical Advantages

Fura de nunu (aged milk and millet blend) is an exceptionally nutritious drink which is a two-in-one item, comprising of oat, ” Fura produced using millet grains and nunu a matured milk item (with corrosive taste) like yogurt. The acrid taste is particularly suited for extinguishing thirst and soaking the hot impact of spicy foods. […]

PSquare Stole My Tune, Ghana Artiste Charges

Upcoming Ghanaian artiste, C Jay calls out Psquare, asserting his tune was stolen and tested by the duo. As per C Jay, he labeled Psquare when he posted his melody on social media, after which he was provoked by one woman that his tune had been messed with. He followed up to download “Bank Alert,” […]

Top Foods To Avoid For Flat Stomach

If you are carrying an additional few pounds around your middle, one of the most straightforward approaches to losing it is to check the sorts of food that you are eating. When you need to lose some weight, from any area of your body, you have to burn a bigger number of calories than you […]