Health Matters: 8 Things You Should Never Share

landscape-1434571054-gettyimages-98952001Offering individual health items to friends, relatives, or colleagues is kinda unavoidable. Whether that is obtaining your sister’s brush or your friend’s cleanser or your colleague’s nail scissors. However, some of those apparently harmless things can really put you at danger for genuine skin and wellbeing issues when shared.

It is an unquestionable requirement to have a general decent hygiene, remembering this there are things you ought to never share; not even with your dearest companion. Sharing can bring about transference of germs and what the other individual will vital not respond to may bring about disturbances.

You have enough germs of your own and with practically all the more all around (counting the ones we don’t see) including another’s into the mix is totally unnecessary.

Here are a list of things you ought not share and why!

  • Razors: They are the easiest way to transfer infectious diseases, never share those. When you shave, the razor collects dead skin cells mixed with bacteria, so the more people using it the more risk for infection. As mentioned before, some people can carry harmful bacteria on their skin without getting sick, so it’s impossible to know if a razor is contaminated. Since shaving also causes abrasions and cuts, razors can also transfer blood-borne diseases like hepatitis and HIV.
  • Bar Soaps: The bottom of our bar soaps can be a breeding ground for bacteria, fungi and so on and although a bar soap is a body cleanser and generally believed to be germ free and self cleaning it can abhor germs and cause infections.
  • Towels: That’s actually bacteria, fungus, and mildew. Towels are a breeding ground for germs, especially when they’re hanging in a damp bathroom. Contaminated towels can transmit fungal infections on the skin, acne-causing bacteria, and even pink eye. Towels can also transmit the same dangerous CA-MRSA bacteria that can live on soap. Besides keeping your towels to yourself, it is suggested you wash them after four uses and always letting them dry completely.
  • Antiperspirants: Unlike deodorants, antiperspirants do not have any germ-killing properties. The only thing they are responsible for doing is decreasing the amount of perspiration you produce. Never share your ‘roll-ons’.
  • Nail Care Products: Nail files, clippers and buffers should never be shared, you stand a risk of contacting some type of bacteria when you have cuts/ openings on your skin.
  • Hair accessories: Anything that goes on your head/through your hair should not be shared.
  • Cups/ Mugs: Never share mugs, cups or bottles, salivas have germs and this could be passed while sharing a drink from the same cup. This makes it easy to catch a cold, mumps, herpes amongst others.
  • Earrings And Earphones: You should never share your earphones or jewelry. When someone puts an earring through their ear, they could poke the skin and get a small amount of blood on the tip of the earring. if you borrow the same pair of earrings, you risk putting the bloodied tip through your ear.

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