Ice Cube Reportedly Working On New ‘Friday’ Movie

The “Friday” films are going to live on to see another Friday.

The last film in the “Friday” franchise is about to get a new addition, according to one of the film’s stars John Witherspoon.

Witherspoon revealed during an interview with the “Get Up Crew” show at Orlando radio The Power 95.3 station this week that Ice Cube told him he’s working on another “Friday” movie nearly 15 years after “Friday after Next” was released.

John Witherspoon stars in New Line Cinema's comedy, 'Next Friday.'  05092003xGUIDEcc 01202005xQUICK 12152005xQUICK 01272006xQUICK
John Witherspoon stars in New Line Cinema’s comedy, ‘Next Friday.’
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The 75-year-old actor did not share any details on what the “Friday” movie would be about, but Cube told Witherspoon that studio executives were the ones who gave him the green light.

“Got another ‘Friday’ on the way,” one of the hosts cheered.

Witherspoon — who plays Cube’s dad in the films — cheered, “Hell Yeah.”

The first “Friday” film debuted in 1995 followed weed smoking slackers, starring Ice Cube, Paula Jai Parker and Chris Tucker. It was directed by F. Gary Gray.

Ice Cube and Chris Tucker star in 'Friday.'
Ice Cube and Chris Tucker star in ‘Friday.’

The next film in the franchise was “Next Friday” in 2000, followed by “Friday After Next” in 2002.


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