Prove Your Faith, Drink Rat Poison – SA Pastor Tells Congregation

A pastor urged followers to prove their faith in god by drinking ‘deadly’ rat poison.

The man, known as Prophet Light Monyeki, mixed up a solution of Rattex rat poison in a plastic bottle in front of the congregation.

After blessing it so that it would no longer be harmful but ‘nourishing’ instead, he drank some himself and then urged people to come forward so he could pour it into their mouths.



He told them to drink the poison to ‘show forth their faith’ – and many willingly did so, according to the church’s social media page.

The ‘prophet’ reportedly told the Grace Living Hope Ministries in Soshanguve, South Africa: “We do not need to proclaim faith because we are believers.”

His strange actions were apparently a reference to a street drug called nyaope, made with heroin and rat poison.

“If nyaope boys can smoke Rattex for more than eight years, who are we?” he said. “Death has no power over us.”

It is not known whether anybody became ill as a result of drinking rat poison at the service, or how concentrated the solution was.

It is unclear if the authorities are involved.


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